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With a present capital of RMB 200 million Yuan, Zhejiang DOYIN PUMP INDUSTRY CO.,LTD was established in 1993, which specialized on the research and development, manufacture and sales of the well submersible pump, small submersible pump and land pump. As a new high-tech enterprise, the compang is the biggest manufacturer and exporter of well submersible pump in China. (According to ranking of irrigation branch of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association). Company’s products includes 40 series, 2000 models, which are applied to a lot of fields, such as agriculture, forestry and irrigation water, living water, industrial water and pumping stations, municipal engineering, building water supply and sewage/water treatment, etc. DOYIN has exported products to more than 60 countries and districts in Asia, Europe and South Africa relying on the high quality, own export rights and best service.

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Zhejiang Doyin Pump Industry Co., Ltd

Panlang Village(next to the petrol station),Daxi Town,Wenling City,Zhejiang Province


Zhejiang Doyin Pump Industry Co., Ltd
Shaping the international brand name, creating excellent quality "is the East never stop the pursuit of sound
Zhejiang doyin industry co., LTD. Founded in 1993, the registered capital of 200 million yuan, the specialty is engaged in the Wells with submersible pump, small submersible pump, land development, production and sales. As a high and new technology enterprise
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